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Adopting a Senior Cat

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet month? If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your life, please consider giving a cute feline a wonderful retirement home. A Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on …
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Dog Walking Safety Tips

Does your canine buddy get super excited when he knows it’s time for a stroll? Those daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons. They’re actually very beneficial for pets! However, Fido does have a habit of getting into mischief, …
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Avoid These Halloween Pet Hazards

It won’t be long before Halloween and trick-or-treat night are here. While things might look a little different this year, it’s important that you remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind. There are plenty of hazards to watch out …
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Doggy Dental Care

Did you know that dental issues are one of the most common problems we see in our canine patients? Oral care is just as important for dogs as it is for people, but it’s often overlooked, even by the most …
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Keeping Your Cat Entertained

Did you know that kitties can suffer from boredom? We know, this may not seem like a huge problem for cats. After all, they do spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping. However, Fluffy does need entertainment and enrichment …
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