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Kittenproofing 101

Are you considering adopting a kitten? Congratulations! There are few things more likely to bring joy into your life than a new kitten. Of course, little Fluffy is just as mischievous as she is cute. You’ll need to take a…

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Muddy Dog Day

Does your pooch love stomping—or even rolling in puddles? You may want to give Fido an extra treat on October 28th : it’s Muddy Dog Day! While Fido’s love of mud probably isn’t his most charming trait, it’s one that…

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Canine Companion Day

Canine Companion Day is tomorrow, October 2nd! Fido definitely has earned the recognition. Dogs are really remarkable animals. They have a way of knowing when we are down, and often stick closer to their humans when they sense something is…

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Things We May Never Understand About Cats

Our feline pals are full of adorable quirks, which is one reason they just never stop making us laugh. For instance, one kitty may be obsessed with eating wallpaper, another may shred your toilet paper, and one may go bananas…

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Happy Cat Month: Senior Cat Edition

September is Happy Cat Month! We think kitties deserve to be happy all year long. Of course, Fluffy’s needs will change a bit over time. If you have a kitten, your furry pal would probably be delighted with lots of…

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Soothing Anxious Pets

Today, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day! It’s important to just take some down time for yourself regularly, and just unwind a bit. Pets can be both reminders and role models of that! However, some of our furry friends are…

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