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Gray cat surrounded with cat toys

Simple Ways To Spoil Your Cat

October 29th has officially gone to the kitties: it’s Spoil Your Cat Day! We know, if it were up to Fluffy every day would be Spoil Your Cat Day. We love seeing our patients getting pampered! However, while Fluffy would…

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Grayish-white fat bunny sitting on a clay pot

Obesity In Bunnies

Pet Obesity Awareness Day is coming up on the 12th! Obesity is a huge problem with our animal companions. Many people want to love and pamper their pets, which is wonderful. Of course, we all know that our animal pals…

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Ginger cat with only one eye

Adopting A Less Adoptable Cat 

Did you know that Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts September 18? This is a wonderful cause. There are many sweet, lovable kitties in shelters, that keep getting passed over just because they’re a little different. We’re always happy…

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Two dogs on a grassy yard

Playing With A Senior Dog

Benefits Playing is just as good for older dogs as it is for puppies. Fido will still need the exercise. Althoguh he won’t be as frisky or zoomy as he once was, it’s still important for him to get regular…

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Paw of a brown dog

Doggy Paw Care 101

Fido has long since officially chosen the pawprint as his personal symbol and icon. Those furry feet are crucial to his overall health and well-being! After all, he couldn’t really get around without them! Taking care of your pup’s paws…

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Gray cat layng on its back

Signs of Sickness In Cats

Kitties can be quite confusing little pets. Fluffy sometimes bites to show affection, and then ignores you when she isn’t feeling cuddly. This may be cute, but some of your pet’s mysterious quirks can be dangerous. For instance, cats have…

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