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Playing With A Senior Dog

September 1, 2022


Playing is just as good for older dogs as it is for puppies. Fido will still need the exercise. Althoguh he won’t be as frisky or zoomy as he once was, it’s still important for him to get regular actiin. Otherwise, his muscles may weaken and atrophy. Playing is also good for you rfurry pal’s mind. Dogs have to think to track that ball, which is great stimluaton. This is aso a great chance for you to spend some time with your canine companion, and just keep that tail going. (Plus, senior dogs are adorable: this will proably put a smile on your face as well.)


As your canine companion ages, his needs will change a bit. Hip dysplasia, as you may know, is a big risk for many older dogs. Don’t encourage Fido to jump or stand on his back legs very much, especially if he is at high risk of this painful condition. You’ll also want to be sure to choose a safe area. Look for a spot with a soft surface. That way, if your pup slips and falls, the odds of him hurting himself are greatly reduced. A grassy lawn or a room with a thick carpet is a good bet. Stay away from stairs, pools, roads, fireplaces, and any other area that could be hazardous.


Older dogs will tire out much faster than puppies. However, Fido may push himself to the point of exhaustion if he thinks that’s what yu want. You definitely don’t want that! Keep an eye out for signs of fatigue, such as panting and slowing down.


What games are appropriate for older dogs? You’ll want to tone down the high-octane games, such as catching Frisbees, unless of course Fido loves these games and you get the vet’s okay. Opt for things that challenge your pet mentally. Hide and Seek is a good one. You can also play a doggy version of the Cups game, or hide treats for your four-legged friend to ‘/hunt’ for. As your canine pal ages, he’ll benefit frommroe frequent appointmetns. Contact us, your Louisville, KY animal clinic, anytime!