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Celebrating Hug Your Cat Day With The Kids

June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! This is definitely something the whole family can get on board with. Our feline pals can be wonderful playmates and cuddle buddies for children. Fluffy also offers comfort on bad days, and can…

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Rescue Dog Day

May 20th is definitely near and dear to our hearts: it’s Rescue Dog Day! Quite a few of our canine patients are rescues who are now living their dream doggy lives as beloved pets. If you’re considering adopting a new…

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Tornado Preparation for Pets

May 14th Is Natural Disaster Preparation Day. As those of us in the Midwest are well aware, tornado season is approaching. If there ever was a type of disaster where being prepared can make a huge difference, it’s tornados. If…

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Fun Facts About Sylvester The Cat

April 19th is a pretty important kitty holiday: it’s Sylvester’s birthday! From 1945 to 1966, the animated tuxie appeared in over 100 shorts. Since then, he’s branched out into books, movies, and comic books. A Louisville, KY vet lists some…

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Don’t Walk Your Dog Day

There’s a pretty unique pet holiday around the corner. Saturday, April 2nd, is Don’t Walk Your Dog Day. This may sound more like something that should be celebrated on April Fool’s Day, but it actually isn’t a joke. A Louisville,…

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The Cat’s Meow 

Do you have a chatty cat? Or does your kitty stay quiet, except when she wants to let you know that her bowl is empty or her favorite catnip mouse is stuck under the couch yet again? Kitties all have…

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