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Keeping Your Cat Entertained

Did you know that kitties can suffer from boredom? We know, this may not seem like a huge problem for cats. After all, they do spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping. However, Fluffy does need entertainment and enrichment…

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DIY Bunny Toys

Have you recently adopted your first rabbit? If so, you may quickly realize that your cute new pet is basically a little chewing machine. Bunnies have open-rooted teeth, which never stop growing. Wild rabbits wear their teeth down on tough…

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6 Ways To Beat Litterbox Odors

There are many things to love about cats. However, one of the best things about our feline friends is the fact that they are so clean. Your pet will groom herself daily, and will conveniently use a litterbox, so you…

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Caring For a Dog With Allergies

Did you know that dogs can suffer from allergies, just like people can? Allergies are no more fun for Fido than they are for us. While allergies can’t be cured, they can be managed. There are also some things you…

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