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Signs Of Doggy Dental Troubles

Did you know that over 75 percent of dogs over the age of three have some form of dental issues? That’s a lot to bite into! Fido can develop many of the same issues as people can, such as gum…

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Keeping Kitty Cool

Summer can be hard for kitties. Fluffy has a fur coat on, and she can’t sweat to cool off. Overheating is a very real and serious risk for kitties in hot weather. Read on as a Louisville, KY vet offers…

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Pool Safety for Dogs

Do you like swimming? Heading to a pool is a great way to cool off on sweltering days. Many dogs also like the water. However, pools can be very dangerous for dogs, so you’ll need to take precautions to keep…

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Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

July is Pet Hydration Month! Hydration is a crucial issue for our animal companions at this time of year. Fido and Fluffy already have fur coats on, and they can’t cool off by sweating. The best way to protect your…

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Summer Cat Care Tips

Summer is a pretty fun time of year for our feline friends. Fluffy has lots of extra sunbeams to lounge around in, and there are moths for her to chase. However, the heat can be hard on kitties. Cats can’t…

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Running With Fido

National Running Day is June 3rd! Our canine pals can make great jogging buddies. However, there are some definite do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to taking Fido running. A Louisville, KY vet lists a few key ones…

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