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Two dogs on a grassy yard

Playing With A Senior Dog

Benefits Playing is just as good for older dogs as it is for puppies. Fido will still need the exercise. Althoguh he won’t be as frisky or zoomy as he once was, it’s still important for him to get regular…

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Paw of a brown dog

Doggy Paw Care 101

Fido has long since officially chosen the pawprint as his personal symbol and icon. Those furry feet are crucial to his overall health and well-being! After all, he couldn’t really get around without them! Taking care of your pup’s paws…

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Gray cat layng on its back

Signs of Sickness In Cats

Kitties can be quite confusing little pets. Fluffy sometimes bites to show affection, and then ignores you when she isn’t feeling cuddly. This may be cute, but some of your pet’s mysterious quirks can be dangerous. For instance, cats have…

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Brown hairy dog breed and gray cat snuggling together on the floor

Summer Care For Senior Pets

Is your pet in their golden years? If so, you’ll want to take extra care with your furry buddy over the next few months. While the hot weather is hard on all of our animal companions, older pets have a…

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brown small dog with a boy in yellow shirt fixing a dog house

Doghouse Repair & Maintenance

July is Doghouse Repair Month! It’s great when dogs have their own little spots to enjoy. Just like regular houses, doghouses do need some maintenance work. July may be a little on the hot side, but it’s a much better…

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Brownish adult dog licks on an icecream on cone

Cold Treats For Fido

Do you enjoy a cold snack on sweltering days? For many of us, the answer to that question is definitely a yes. Fido also often likes a frozen treat. Want to get that cute tail going? Read on! A Louisville,…

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