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Canine Companion Day

October 1, 2023

Canine Companion Day is tomorrow, October 2nd! Fido definitely has earned the recognition. Dogs are really remarkable animals. They have a way of knowing when we are down, and often stick closer to their humans when they sense something is wrong. They also offer comfort and support in tough times. A local Louisville, KY vet lists a few reasons to celebrate Man’s Best Friend in this article. 

Fido Is Good For Our Health

Did you know that dogs help lower our blood pressure, lift our spirits, and help those who struggle with anxiety or depression? Having another living being who thinks you’re the absolute bee’s knees is great for our mental, emotional well-being, which in turn helps our physical health.

They’re Loyal

Fido didn’t get the title of Man’s Best Friend arbitrarily: he’s definitely earned that spot. Dogs are remarkably loyal, to the point where they will risk—and sometimes even sacrifice—their lives to save their human friends. Your pooch won’t care where you work, how you dress, or who you date or hang out with: he just wants to spend time with you, no matter what!

They Serve In Many Ways

If you really look at all the ways dogs help us, it’s quite astounding. Our canine buddies have accompanied us to war since the beginning of history. They’ve also protected our herds and livestock, guarded our homes, helped us hunt, assisted us with tracking, clearing out pests, and retrieving game. Nowadays, Fido also works in search and rescue, therapy, and as an assistance dog.

They’re Good For Kids

Our canine pals also benefit children. Studies have shown that kids who grow up with dogs have stronger immune systems and are less likely to have allergies than those from petless households. Helping to care for Fido also teaches children about empathy, kindness, and friendship, and helps them grow up feeling confident.


You don’t really need a reason to pay Fido some extra attention, but this is the perfect time to spoil him a bit. Indulge your furry friend’s taste for adventure by bringing him on a fun outing to a park or pet-friendly restaurant. This is the perfect time of year to soak up that foliage. You can also get together with friends or family members that have pups of their own, and plan a doggy playdate! Also on Fido’s wish list? Toys, comfy beds, and, of course, belly rubs.

Do you have questions about caring for your canine companion? Contact us, your Louisville, KY animal clinic, anytime!