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Muddy Dog Day

October 15, 2023

Does your pooch love stomping—or even rolling in puddles? You may want to give Fido an extra treat on October 28th : it’s Muddy Dog Day! While Fido’s love of mud probably isn’t his most charming trait, it’s one that many of our canine patients share. A Louisville, KY vet discusses Man’s Best Friend’s puddle obsession below.

Why Do Dogs Love Mud?

While we can’t exactly poll our canine buddies on this one, there are a few things that could be coming into play here. Fido may be trying to mask his scent. If you’re using perfumed shampoos, and you notice your pooch immediately rolling around after his baths, you may want to change to an unscented product. Another possibility is simple temperature control. If it’s hot out, your pup may want to cool off by jumping in puddles. There’s also a chance that this is an instinctive behavior related to hunting tactics: your furry bff may be trying to camouflage himself. Last but certainly not least? Some dogs just enjoy it!

Is It Dangerous For My Dog To Roll In Mud?

Playing in the mud isn’t the most dangerous thing your furry pal could do … but it isn’t without risks. One big concern is Leptospirosis, or lepto, a potentially fatal disease that is spread by bacteria that thrive in wet areas … such as muddy pastures. If your canine friend can’t resist mud, you may want to ask your vet about getting him vaccinated. There are also risks from parasites. Eating mud is also unsafe: if you notice your pup doing this, contact your vet.

How Do I Clean A Muddy Dog?

If your furry friend’s yard often gets muddy, it may be worth your while to prep his entrance a bit. Keep pet wipes or towels and water near the door your pup goes in and out of. Another thing that may help is putting a thick bath mat outside the door: these are absorbent and washable, and are usually pretty good at cleaning Fido’s furry feet. Of course, if Fido emerges completely covered, your best bet is probably to completely hose him down.

Lessons From Muddy Dogs

Our canine pals actually have some important life lessons to teach us. The takeaway here? Live for today, and don’t be afraid to have some silly fun.

If you have questions about your dog’s health or care, please contact us, your local Louisville, KY pet hospital, today. We’re always here to help!