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Holidays With Rabbits

December 1, 2023

Happy Holidays! Or, for those of you with rabbits, we should probably say Hoppy Holidays! Rabbits are always cute, but they get extra adorable—and extra mischievous—at this time of year. A Louisville, KY vet discusses getting through the holidays with Floppy in this article. 

Entertaining Floppy

Bunnies are super mischievous, which is both adorable and dangerous. Petproofing and training are both crucial. However, you may also want to try distracting— or flat-out bribing—your bunny. Pick up some non-toxic wrapping paper, and give it to Floppy to nibble on. You can even have the kids make snowflake chains or paper-ball snowmen.


Are you having company? Your guests may very well find Floppy adorable. However, keep in mind that most people are not rabbit-trained, and won’t know what is and isn’t safe for bunnies. Keep your furry pal caged or in a safe back room when you have guests.


Many people wonder if it’s safe for rabbits to chew on trees. After all, Floppy does eat a lot of hard fibers in the wild. The answer? Yes and no. Wild rabbits do nibble on fir sometimes. However, there’s a key difference between ‘wild’ trees and the ones available at stores and farm stands. Most of the trees you’ll find for sale around the holidays have been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Unless you’re cutting the tree down yourself and/or are sure that it’s come from a farm that doesn’t use chemicals, consider it unsuitable for your furry friend. One option is to get a smaller tree and put it on something that’s too high for your bun to jump onto.


The vast majority of holiday decorations are unsafe for bunnies. Wires and lights are a particular concern, as rabbits sometimes nibble on live wires. That’s not only extremely dangerous for Floppy, it could also start a fire. You can use PVC pipe to protect wires on the floor. However, wires aren’t the only hazard. Many seasonal plants, such as holly, ivy, and mistletoe, are toxic to rabbits. Potpourri, candles, wax burners are also unsafe, as is anything small or sharp.


Don’t forget to pick something up for Floppy! Toys and treats are great options. Bunnies also enjoy tunnels and mazes, which you can easily make out of cardboard boxes or PVC pipe. Your furry friend may even end up preferring the box and wrapping paper over her actual gifts.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Louisville, KY animal clinic, with any bunny care questions