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Reasons To Be Thankful For Cats

November 15, 2022
Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. We’re definitely looking forward to that delicious holiday food! However, it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday: gratitude. We are very grateful for our feline friends, and with good reason. A Louisville, KY vet lists some reasons to be appreciative of Fluffy in this article.

Mousing Abilities

This one goes all the way back to when we first domesticated cats. (It’s entirely possible that Fluffy just walked into someone’s hut and decided to nap in front of the fire, but that’s another topic.) While our furry friends’ mousing skills aren’t quite as in demand these days, they are still valued.

They’re Clean

One of the best things about cats is the fact that they’re so clean. Fluffy will groom herself daily, and will use a litterbox to see to her needs. There’s a lot to be said for not having to bathe or walk your furry pal. You also don’t need to worry about housetraining her.

Self Sufficiency

Kitties are very independent, which is definitely something to be grateful for. You won’t have to rush home after work to walk Fluffy, though of course you don’t want to leave her alone for too long.

Health Benefits

Did you know that cats are actually good for us? Fluffy’s cuddles and love are extremely comforting and soothing. That translates into some very tangible health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke.

Sleep Aids

Fluffy also helps us sleep better. As many of you know, settling in with your furry buddy contentedly rumbling beside (or on) you is very relaxing!


We know, Fido probably is the pet you would first think of as a guardian. However, our feline companions can also be quite protective. Fluffy has chased off dogs, bears, and even alligators. She’s also warned her humans of intruders and fires … and, of course, the occasional unauthorized moth or bat.

Live Entertainment

Our feline buddies can be extremely amusing. Fluffy is actually funniest when she thinks she’s being serious, such as when she’s focused on catching that elusive red dot.

They Make Houses Into Homes

Kitties just add love and joy to our lives, simply by being their quirky, lovable selves. A house just isn’t a home without a purring cat! Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your Louisville, KY pet hospital, anytime!