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7 Ways To Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

December 1, 2022
December 5th is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day! This is a wonderful cause, and one we’re always happy to shed light on. Many of our patients were rescued from shelters! A Louisville, KY vet lists some ways to celebrate in this article.

DIY Gifts

Shelters are always in need of supplies, such as toys and beds. Making homemade items can be great craft projects for kids. You can make Fido a rope toy by cutting a tee shirt or towel into thin strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid the braids together. When you’re done, tie the whole thing off in a knot. Other easy options include catnip toys and beds. Look online for ideas and instructions. Just check with the shelter first, to see what they need most.


This is a great time of year to give back to your local community. One way to do that? Put in some time at a local animal shelter or rescue, or even a farm that rescues larger animals. You may be able to help with basics like feeding and cleaning, or perhaps help in other areas, such as photography.


If you want to go a step further, you can look into fostering. Foster homes serve as a crucial step between being in a shelter and getting adopted. While this isn’t for everyone, it can be a very rewarding experience.


Many shelters rely on patrons to keep their doors open and continue to house, feed, and care for their furry wards. Donations are always appreciated. You may also be able to drop off supplies, such as food or litter. Just check and see what is needed, and what the procedures are.

Spread The Word

There are always far too many animals in shelters. Fido and Fluffy just want someone to love them, pet them, and care for them. Offer a signal boost by sharing the word on social media. You may help that one lucky pet find their forever home!

Purrs/Tail Wags

Did you get your furry friend from a shelter? Brighten up their day with a special treat or a new toy!


The ultimate way to celebrate shelter pets? Adopt one! Just think it over first. After all, adoption is forever! As your Louisville, KY pet clinic, we are always here to help. Feel free to contact us anytime!