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Holiday Gifts For Curious Dogs

December 15, 2022
Are you still working on your holiday shopping? If you’re a last minute shopper, you’re definitely in good company. Of course, you’ll need to pick up some things for Fido. A local Louisville, KY vet offers some gift ideas for your canine pal in this article.

Pupscription Box

Want to keep Fido’s tail going all year long? Sign him up for a doggy subscription box! There are some great ones to pick from. You can also choose ones that are made for dogs of certain sizes, ages, or personalities. (We probably don’t have to tell you how adorable it is seeing pups get their mail.)

Adventure Gear

Has it been a while since your furry buddy got a new harness? This is a great gift. You can also get a fanny pag that was made just for walking Fido. These often have spots for water bottles, treats, waste baggies, and other necessities. A GPS tag or collar is also a great option.


Dogs are wonderful pets, but they do need training to learn how to be Very Good Boys. You may want to enroll your canine companion in school. This is a gift that will keep on giving, as it will make things easier for you both going forward.


Snuffle mats are a wonderful choice for curious dogs, as they can keep pups occupied for quite some time. There are also many different types of puzzle toys that you can get your pooch. Kong toys are also a great option, as they can keep Fido busy—and hopefully, out of mischief—for hours.

Bacon Bubbles

If we could ask our canine patients what their favorite things were, it’s probably safe to say that bacon would be at or near the top of those lists. You should only offer Fido actual bacon on occasion. However, you can get your furry friend bacon-flavored treats or even bacon bubbles.

Interactive Toys

The pet toy industry has been going through a bit of a renaissance over the past few years, and our patients are definitely thrilled about it. There are all sorts of cute interactive toys you can get your pooch, from smart balls to automated ball launchers to toys that react to Fido’s movements. Try something hi-tech this year! Happy Holidays from all of us here at your local Louisville, KY animal clinic. We are here to help!