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Resolutions Inspired By Cats

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions this year? If you are, it’s probably safe to say that your feline pal will be cheering you on in her own adorable, nonchalant way as you strive to meet your goals. Actually, Fluffy may actually be useful here. Kitties do have a few life lessons we can take inspiration from. A Louisville, KY lists some resolutions Fluffy would approve of in this article. 

Get Plenty Of Rest

Kitties spend the vast majority of their lives working on their sleeping skills, with the goal of becoming ninja-level nappers. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! You probably don’t need quite that much rest, but it is important to get enough shuteye.

Drink More Water

Cats usually are pretty good about staying hydrated. However, many of them do prefer to drink running water. Consider getting Fluffy a pet fountain.

Eat Well

Our feline overlords can be quite finicky about food. Fluffy may meow dramatically, and pretend that she’s completely starving …. only to ignore the food you put in her bowl. (There is a reason for this: in the wild, cats always and only eat their prey fresh.) Offer your kitty a high-quality, nourishing food. 


Any time you bring something home in a box, Fluffy will probably want to explore—and claim—said box. She’ll also want to check out things like closets and cabinets you don’t usually have open. (We recommend curtailing your pet’s adventures a bit: keep her indoors.)

Be Yourself

Our furry patients are all very unique individuals. Some are stoic and serious, some are goofy and playful, some want to cuddle 24/7, and some are angry. Even if you’ve had kitties all your life, you’ll likely find that each one you meet has their own distinct purrsonality.

Show Your Love

Jokes aside, cats actually can be extremely affectionate. (Fluffy may show her love in some odd ways, but that’s another topic.) Show your loved ones that you care about them! 

Work Hard, Play Hard

If Fluffy had a set of golden rules, this would probably be at or near the top of the list, possibly just below the kitty laws about sleeping. Our feline friends certainly do live by this one! 

As your Louisville, KY animal clinic, we look forward to providing great care in 2023 and for years to come. Contact us anytime!