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Happy Cat Month: Senior Cat Edition

September 1, 2023

September is Happy Cat Month! We think kitties deserve to be happy all year long. Of course, Fluffy’s needs will change a bit over time. If you have a kitten, your furry pal would probably be delighted with lots of fun toys, and perhaps things to climb and play on. Older cats, however, have slightly different needs. Your kitty will still need good food, comfy shelter, and proper veterinary care, but there are other things you can do to keep your feline buddy purring and content. A Louisville, KY vet lists some of them below.


Older cats are expert nappers, and can snooze up to 20 hours a day. One of the best things you can do for Fluffy is make sure she has a variety of comfy napping spots. These should be easy for her to get on and off. You get bonus purrs if you put some of those beds in warm, sunny areas.

Senior-Friendly Facilities

Just like people, cats can get stiff and sore as they age. This makes it harder for them to jump and climb. Taking a few steps to make your place comfier and more accessible for Fluffy. A litterbox with low walls will be easier for her to get in and out of than a standard box. Your furball may also appreciate having a nightlight to help her get around at night.


Fluffy will always be a kitten at heart, even once she reaches her golden years. While she may not be as frisky as she once was, she’ll still enjoy playing. This will benefit her both mentally and physically. Take a few minutes a day to play with your furry buddy. Don’t worry about overdoing it: unlike dogs, cats won’t overexert themselves to please their humans. Your feline pal will just walk away if she gets tired.


Kitties are very clean, and are usually very good about keeping up with their beauty regimes. However, this gets harder over time. Help Fluffy out by gently brushing her. Removing dead fur and dander will not just keep her looking and feeling good, it can also help reduce hairballs, which are no fun for either of you.


Last but not least, just make sure your feline friend feels loved and safe. Spend time with Fluffy every day! Senior cat purrs are truly precious.  

Do you have questions about caring for an older cat? Contact us, your Louisville, KY pet hospital!