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Signs of Sickness In Cats

August 1, 2022
Kitties can be quite confusing little pets. Fluffy sometimes bites to show affection, and then ignores you when she isn’t feeling cuddly. This may be cute, but some of your pet’s mysterious quirks can be dangerous. For instance, cats have a way of trying to mask illness and injury, which can make it hard to tell if they are sick. Some of the warning signs of illness in cats are very subtle. A local vet lists some of the warning signs to look for in this article.

Lack Of Appetite

Cats can be quite fussy, but they should demand something else if they don’t like what’s in their bowls. If Fluffy just isn’t interested in her dinner, there could be something going on with her.

Poor Grooming

Our feline pals are usually very diligent about keeping their coats nice and clean. However, if your cat is sick, she may forego her usual habits. Before long, her coat will start showing the signs of neglect.


Some of our feline friends are quite shy, and may prefer napping in out of the way places. That’s fine! However, Fluffy shouldn’t spend all of her time by herself. If your cute pet seems unusually withdrawn, she may not be feeling well.


An occasional bout of tummy troubles may not be anything serious, but repeated, excessive, or ongoing problems definitely would warrant a call to your vet.

Unusual Vocalizations

Kitties all have their own unique voices and vocal patterns. Keep an eye out for changes in the way Fluffy meows at you. Cats may yowl if they are sick or hurt. Others may meow more, less, or just differently than they usually do.

Weight Changes

Fluffy’s weight shouldn’t increase or decrease quickly, even if her diet has changed. If your furry pal seems lighter or heavier all of a sudden, she may have a medical issue.

Respiratory Issues

Fluffy should breathe quietly and easily. Wheezing, gasping, and coughing are all signs that something is wrong with your feline buddy.


To be fair, some cats don’t really care to be held or petted. However, if your furry friend is usually cuddly, but then suddenly doesn’t want to be touched or held, she may be sick. If you notice any of these things, please contact us right away. As your local animal hospital, we are here for you!