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Summer Care For Senior Pets

July 15, 2022
Is your pet in their golden years? If so, you’ll want to take extra care with your furry buddy over the next few months. While the hot weather is hard on all of our animal companions, older pets have a particularly hard time dealing with that scorching summer heat. A Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on this below.

Comfy Beds

Fido and Fluffy won’t sleep very comfortably on hard ground. Make sure they have good, comfy beds to relax on. Orthopedic beds are great for older animals. If your canine pal likes to lounge outdoors with you, he may enjoy a raised or inflatable camping bed for outside.


Hydration is crucial for all pets, but it’s especially important for older animals. Make sure your little (or not so little) buddy always has fresh, cool water. Your pet may appreciate having a few ice cubes dropped into their bowls.


Sometimes elderly pets become incontinent. Don’t punish your furry pal for accidents: they are likely embarrassed by this. In some cases, the issue may be treatable. It could also be indicative of a more serious issue. Schedule an exam with your vet.

Heat Exhaustion

Older animals are much more susceptible to heat than their younger counterparts. Going between cool and hot areas is also harder for them. Limit outdoor time on hot days. Your furry friend may also appreciate a cooling pad.


This one mostly applies to Fido: unlike cats, dogs will push themselves to please their humans. This can be very dangerous for a senior pup! Walk and play with your pet in the mornings and evenings, when it’s cooler out.


Regular brushings will remove dead fur and dander from your four-legged buddy’s coat, helping keep them cool. Nail trims and dental care are also important for older dogs. Keep up with those beauty rituals!


Extra weight can really wreak havoc on an older animal’s health. Chubby pets also struggle more with the heat. Keep Fido and Fluffy at a healthy weight!


Swimming is a wonderful workout for older dogs. If Fido enjoys the water, and your vet approves, take him for some safe, supervised swim sessions. Just avoid spots with heavy wakes, steep drops, or strong currents, and never leave him unattended. Do you have questions about senior pet care? Contact us, your Louisville, KY animal clinic, today!