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Cold Treats For Fido

June 15, 2022
Do you enjoy a cold snack on sweltering days? For many of us, the answer to that question is definitely a yes. Fido also often likes a frozen treat. Want to get that cute tail going? Read on! A Louisville, KY veterinarian lists a few ‘pawesome’ options below.

Ice Cream

As it turns out, ice cream is just as popular with our canine companions as it is for us. You can buy it in many pet stores, but you may find it quite easy to make your own. You’ll want to start with a base. For Fido’s version, you actually do not want to use real cream. Some substitutes would be ripe bananas, peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, organic baby food, sodium-free broth, or fat free yogurt. Instead of adding nuts, jimmies, or chocolate chips, you can use blueberries, bacon bits, kibble, shredded meat, or crushed dog treats.


You can also make your canine pal a doggy version of this summer classic. You’ll want to get some waxed paper cups and some chews that are long enough to stick out a bit. Put the chews in the cups, and add water or sodium-free broth. Freeze overnight. For extra tail wags (at risk of extra mess) put some natural peanut butter on the treat before you hand it over.

Rolled Goodies

This one is super easy. Look for a pre-cooked roll of cooked sausage, chicken, or hamburger. You can also use dog food that comes in tubes. Carefully slice off a thin piece when you want to give Fido a yummy snack.

Ice Cube Yums

For this one, you’ll want to get Fido his own ice cube tray, or perhaps some freezable bone-shaped molds. Put some goodies into the pocket. This can be kibble, shredded meat, veggies, bacon bits, cheese, and/or safe fruits and veggies. Pour water or broth over them and freeze. Instant happy pup!

Kong Toys

Kong toys can make great summer snacks. You can buy canned or squeezable filling in stores. Other options would include wet food, peanut butter, ripe banana, or even plain water.


No matter what option you choose, be sure to stick with safe foods. Never give Fido garlic or onions; grapes or raisins; avocado; pitted fruits; or chocolate. Ask your vet for more information. As your local Louisville, KY animal clinic, we’re here for you. Call us anytime!