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Resolutions for Confused Cats

January 1, 2021

Happy New Yea r! Are you making resolutions this year? Your feline friend may not understand what your goals are, but she’ll cheer you on in her own adorable way, with purrs, cuddles, and, of course, by occasionally biting you. What about Fluffy’s goals? A Louisville, KY vet lists some of the things kitties may want to sort out this year below.

Catch The Little Red Dot

No matter how cute and innocent Fluffy looks, it’s important to remember that she is a hunter in the wild. Nothing rouses your pet’s inner lion like the sight of something she considers prey. And nothing confounds her like that little red spot.

Master The Wormhole

Have you ever wondered if your cat knows how to teleport? Have you ever sworn that Fluffy was in one spot, only to find her somewhere else? We can’t say for sure, but we suspect that our feline pals have figured out a thing or two about quantum physics.

Get Out Of Car Rides

Does your kitty morph into a furry little drama queen the moment you bring her out to the car? Most cats are definitely not fond of going for drives. In fact, many of them are much more upset over the trip to the office than their actual exam. Make the trip a bit easier on Fluffy by adding comfy bedding and some toys to her carrier.

Master The Art Of The Pop Top

Does your cat come running if you go anywhere near the spot where her food is stored? Fluffy may very well want to learn how to get her own food this year!

Catch More Mice

Fluffy’s mousing skills aren’t quite as in demand as they used to be, but she apparently never got that memo. Your furry buddy will look extremely proud of herself as she drops something dead on your stoop. She may not understand why you aren’t more excited! (Note: this is one reason we recommend keeping kitties indoors: domestic cats are destroying many fragile bird and small animal populations.)

Figure The Dog Out

You can’t blame Fluffy for being confused about Fido. Dogs don’t clean themselves, do what they are told, and actually enjoy belly rubs and car rides. That’s quite purrplexing to a kitty!

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