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Dog Walking Safety Tips

October 15, 2020

Does your canine buddy get super excited when he knows it’s time for a stroll? Those daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons. They’re actually very beneficial for pets! However, Fido does have a habit of getting into mischief, so you’ll want to take some steps to keep him safe while you’re out and about. A Louisville, KY vet offers some pointers on how to do that below.


Fido doesn’t have to know how to fetch slippers or bring you a cold beverage, but he should obey basic doggy commands, like Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. If your pup has a habit of pulling on the leash, you’ll want to work on that as well. Whenever your furry pal tries to pull you, immediately change direction. He’ll get the hint sooner or later!


Make sure to wear shoes or boots that have a good tread. As for Fido, keep his claws trimmed. Long claws are very uncomfortable for dogs! Plus, they can also snag and tear on things. We also recommend using paw balm to protect your pet’s furry feet from hot and harsh surfaces.


Safety first! When walking along the side of the road, always keep Fido to the outside. It’s also best to walk towards approaching traffic, so you know what’s coming.


Many people like to listen to music when walking their pups. This is fine, but don’t turn the volume up too high. You need to be able to hear things like squealing brakes or honking horns.


Make sure you have a sturdy leash, one that won’t snap or break. Retractable leashes are wonderful, but they can be dangerous in certain situations. Don’t use these if you’re walking on the side of a busy road, or in areas with potential hazards, like cliffs or riverbanks. You also want to avoid using these when there are other dogs around. You don’t want Fido getting tangled up!


Dogs are very curious. This can be quite adorable, but it can also get Fido into trouble. Don’t let your pooch sniff around in areas that could be hiding snakes or other dangerous critters. Dead logs, crevasses, debris piles, and holes beneath sheds or garages are all no-go zones!

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