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Avoid These Halloween Pet Hazards

October 1, 2020

It won’t be long before Halloween and trick-or-treat night are here. While things might look a little different this year, it’s important that you remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind. There are plenty of hazards to watch out for around this holiday! Learn more here from a Louisville, KY veterinarian. 


It’s a safe bet there’s more chocolate floating around your home than usual when Halloween approaches. Remember that chocolate of all kinds—milk, dark, semi-sweet, baking chocolate, white chocolate, etc.—contains harmful stimulant chemicals like caffeine and theobromine that aren’t good for pets. Keep a close eye on all chocolate treats to make sure your pet’s doesn’t get their paws on them. 


Candy is also dangerous for pets. Not only do many hard candies present a choking hazard, they could be sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sugar substitute that is okay for human consumption but very bad for pets. It causes your pet’s pancreas to mistake it for real sugar, releasing insulin when it shouldn’t. This leads to symptoms like lethargy, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and—without treatment—collapse, seizures, and worse. Keep your pet’s prying paws out of the treat bowl! 


It’s fine to dress your pet up in an adorable Halloween costume, but make sure it’s safe. You’ll want to check the costume for small bits that could be chewed off, choked on, or swallowed, such as buttons, zippers, or bits of plastic decoration. And bear in mind that not every pet enjoys wearing clothing, especially when it’s tight-fitting or too loose. Do a “test run” before Halloween night to see how your pet feels in their costume. 


If trick-or-treaters are coming to your door this holiday, it might be necessary to take a few extra precautions when it comes to your pet. For one thing, the constant ringing of the doorbell and the arrival of unexpected guests can make many pets anxious. Secondly, it’s possible for a crafty or nervous pet to dart out of the open front door. You don’t want to search for a lost pet in the dark of night on Halloween! If necessary, secure your pet in another room or keep them on a leash for the duration of trick-or-treat night.

Want even more tips on keeping your pet safe this Halloween? We can help. Get in touch with your Louisville, KY veterinary clinic to speak with the professionals.