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Adopting a Senior Cat

November 1, 2020

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet month? If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your life, please consider giving a cute feline a wonderful retirement home. A Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on adopting an older kitty in this article.

Veterinary Care

Just like people, cats become more susceptible to illnesses in their golden years. You’ll need to take Fluffy to the doctor for a thorough exam. It’s also important to make sure that she’s caught up on her vaccines and parasite control. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. This is also a good time to get specific care and feeding tips.

Kitty Comforts

Before you bring your furry buddy home, you’ll want to have everything ready and waiting for her. It’s not hard to turn your home into a luxury palace for cats. Start by setting out lots of soft beds. Store-bought beds are fine, but you can also just fold up soft blankets and put them on an ottoman or in a basket. Pet ramps or stairs will help your feline friend jump onto beds and couches. Your kitty may also appreciate a nightlight, especially if she has trouble seeing after dark. 


Senior kitties sometimes have a hard time getting in and out of litterboxes with high walls. Get Fluffy one that will be easier for her to manage. Make sure your furball’s purrsonal powder room is in a quiet spot, one that isn’t damp, chilly, or hard to reach. If your home has more than one floor, put litterboxes on every level. That way, your cat won’t have to use the stairs as much.

Coming Home

Cats are very emotional, and can get very distressed by major changes. Fluffy may not understand why she was in a shelter, and she could be stressed out by finding herself in a new home. It may take her some time to settle in. Don’t force attention on your new pet. Just let her get used to her surroundings. It’s very important to let your kitty come to you when she wants attention. Talk to your feline pal in a friendly, gentle voice, and offer her toys and treats. You’ll get have that purr going in no time!

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