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Don’t Walk Your Dog Day

April 1, 2023

There’s a pretty unique pet holiday around the corner. Saturday, April 2nd, is Don’t Walk Your Dog Day. This may sound more like something that should be celebrated on April Fool’s Day, but it actually isn’t a joke. A Louisville, KY vet explains this new occasion below.

The Premise

It’s generally accepted that our canine buddies need daily walks. Of course, for anyone who doesn’t have a yard for their pooch to play in, walks are a must for sanitary purposes. Fido also does benefit from the exercise, stimulation, and change of scenery those strolls provide. However, that doesn’t mean that walks should be your furry buddy’s only form of activity. Don’t Walk Your Dog Day isn’t meant to advise people to stop walking their pups altogether: it’s a reminder that Fido may also both enjoy and benefit from other types of exercise. There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit! 

Walk Alternatives

Mental stimulation is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Everyone needs things to focus on and amuse ourselves with to keep our minds healthy! Once Fido has relieved himself, he may enjoy playing Fetch or Frisbee instead of going for yet one more round around the same stretch of your road or block. Your four-legged pal may also benefit from playing games, such as Hide and Seek. Training is also a great activity. Once your pooch has mastered the basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come, you can start teaching him more advanced commands. Or, just have some fun showing cute tricks. (Tip: Roll Over and Shake never stop being charming.) 

Walk Schedules 

Your canine pal’s exercise regimen should be based on his age, size, breed, and lifestyle. Not all exercises are right for every pup! Those recommendations will also change over time. As your furry friend ages, he may need shorter but more frequent walks, as he will tire out more quickly.Ask your vet how much activity your dog needs. 


When walking your canine friend, keep him leashed at all times. If it’s hot out, bring plenty of water along. Keep Fido to the outside when walking down roads, and don’t let him explore any potentially-unsafe areas. Ask your vet for more information.

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