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The Cat’s Meow 

March 15, 2023

Do you have a chatty cat? Or does your kitty stay quiet, except when she wants to let you know that her bowl is empty or her favorite catnip mouse is stuck under the couch yet again? Kitties all have unique voices and vocalization patterns … and they certainly aren’t shy about speaking their minds! A Louisville, KY vet discusses Fluffy’s language in this article.

The History Of The Meow

Here’s an interesting factoid: Fluffy may have started meowing specifically to give us orders … specifically, the orders to feed her, cuddle her, or play with her! 

Cats Got Her Own Tongue 

Adult kitties don’t usually talk to each other. They usually only ‘speak’ to their humans. When Fluffy wants to communicate with Mittens, she’ll use body language, facial expressions, and, occasionally, violence. 

Baby Cry

Have you ever noticed that many kitties sound like human babies? While no one knows for certain, there’s a pretty good chance that this is no coincidence. Our feline overlords may have realized that mimicking the sounds of our infants is an extremely effective way to melt our hearts … and get us to offer food, shelter, and lap space. (Well played, Fluffy, well played.)


Breed does factor into kitty vocalization patterns. Siamese cats, for instance, tend to be very yowly, and often sound as though they are singing. Maine Coons, on the other paw, tend to speak in adorable trills and chirps. 


We can’t really discuss kitty vocalization without touching on Fluffy’s singing abilities … or lack thereof. Cats yowl to attract mates when they’re looking for love. This may sound rather horrific to us, but for some reason our feline pals seem to actually enjoy these ear-splitting love songs. (Suffice it to say, this alone is reason enough to get your feline buddy fixed.)

Changes In Vocalization

Any sudden changes in the way your kitty speaks can be a sign that Fluffy isn’t feeling well. For instance, if your cat is usually a little chatterbox, but is suddenly very quiet, she may be sick. Contact your vet immediately.

Chatting With Fluffy 

Cats really enjoy it when their humans speak to them, as it makes them feel loved. Fluffy’s also a pretty good listener.  Go ahead and talk to your feline pal. She may even reply! 

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