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Things Kittens Are Thankful For

December 1, 2021

Thanksgiving is almost here! Pets are pretty high on the list of things we are thankful for, and kittens have, as usual, clawed their way to the top. These charming balls of fur are almost impossibly cute, and they really do have a way of melting hearts. Little Fluffy may be tiny, but she is full of love, and is also quite appreciative to those who are kind to her. Read on as a Louisville, KY veterinarian lists some things your feline pal is grateful for.


All cats are sleepy, but baby ones are particularly tired. Being cute is apparently extremely exhausting! (Note: There is a valid reason that kittens are so sleepy. Feline growth hormones are released during sleep cycles.) Make sure your fuzzy friend has plenty of comfy beds. Remember to check beneath pillows, cushions, and blankets before sitting down. Kittens don’t make very big lumps, and can be easy to miss!

Nooks And Crannies

Your curious little pet will investigate every inch of her new kingdom. This is adorable, but it can also be dangerous. Kittens can fit into some pretty small spaces! Keep major appliances, such as washers and dryers, closed when they aren’t in use, and block off openings behind and beneath furniture and cabinets. Ask your vet for more kittenproofing advice.


Your furry friend is going to be very, very interested in figuring out how to use all of those teeth and claws. Help her out by playing with her daily. To teach little Fluffy good manners, use toys that you can control from a distance, such as wand toys and laser pointers.


Our feline overlords aren’t shy about ‘borrowing’ our furniture. However, your tiny bundle of fur will appreciate some things that were made to suit her. A good scratching post is a must. Little Fluffy will also appreciate things like cat towers and kitty condos.


Did you know that cats think of us as second parents? Kittens want to feel safe and secure, and they often love being cuddled and held. You may very well melt a bit when you see your furry buddy looking up at you in complete adoration. Pay lots of attention to little Fluffy, and keep that motor going!

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