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Bunny Breeds

February 1, 2023

Are you considering adopting a bunny? Did you know that there are more than 50 breeds of bunnies that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association? They’re all very cute, of course, but they do vary somewhat in terms of size and temperament. A Louisville, KY vet goes over a few of the most popular ones below.

French Lop

The French Lop originated as a mix between the English Lop and Flemish Giant. They are one of the oldest bunny breeds, and are quite sturdy and strong, not to mention absolutely adorable.

Holland Lop

As one may guess by the name, this lovable ball of fur is from the Netherlands, and is closely related to the larger French Lop. These guys have cute floppy ears, and are known for being friendly and docile.

Mini Lop

You’ll have a hard time finding a pet that is cuter than the charming Mini-Lop. These tiny rabbits are quite playful. They’re also notorious chewers!


Lionhead bunnies get their name from the mane-like fur collars; around their neck, which resembles that of a lion. They come in many pretty colors, and weigh about 4 pounds, on average.


Originally bred for fur and meat, these are cute white bunnies with adorable dark faces. Californian bunnies are known for being easy keepers. They can be timid, but once they warm up, they get very affectionate. Just be warned: Floppy does shed quite heavily. She’s also a bit larger than most rabbits, and can weigh up to 12 pounds. 

Mini Rex

The Mini Rex is a fairly new breed, as it’s only been around since 1984. However, they have quickly won over the hearts of bunny lovers, and are actually the most popular breed in the US. Small, cute and cuddly, these fluffy rabbits are a great choice for families with mature children.


Possibly the fluffiest bunny on today’s list, the Angora is a friendly and lovable ball of fur that often looks like a cloud with a sweet face. As one may expect, these pretty rabbits need lots of brushing!


No matter what kind of bunny you get, you’ll need to provide great care: a comfy cage, good food, plenty of chew toys, veterinary care, and lots of love. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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