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Adopting A Deaf Dog

May 1, 2022
May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day! This is to help spread awareness about the less-than-perfect pets that are stuck in shelters. Many specially-abled pets have a very hard time getting adopted. This is very sad, as they are just as cute, lovable, and cuddly as any other pet! There are quite a few sweet, adorable deaf dogs out there who only want someone to love them and care for them. If you are considering adopting one, read on! A Louisville, KY vet discusses adopting a deaf pooch below.

Ask Questions

Some pups are completely deaf, while others can still hear things in very high or low registers. Ask about your canine buddy’s past and medical history. You may be able to find out quite a bit! You’ll still need to take Fido to the vet for an evaluation, of course, but it would be helpful to find out all you can. In any case, it never hurts to ask!

Don’t Forego Training

Training is just as important for pups that can’t hear well as it is for all other pooches. You’ll just need to go about it a little differently. For instance, you may need to teach Fido to respond to hand signals instead of vocal commands. Many deaf dogs can be trained to respond when you wave a flashlight beam or a laser pointer. Talk to your vet or a professional trainer about your furry buddy’s petucation.

Start Routine

Dogs tend to be creatures of habit, and they often do best when they are on a set schedule. Get your canine pal started out on his new doggy agenda for things like meals, walks, and playtime right away.

Make It Safe

You’ll want to take some extra care with petproofing. Fido won’t hear you if you tell him to drop something or stay away from it! Ask your vet for tips on making your home safe for your furry new friend.

Collar Options

Consider putting little bells on your canine companion’s collar, so you can keep track of his whereabouts. A GPS collar wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. There are different types to choose from, so do your research before picking one. You can even get Fido a collar that lights up when you press the remote! Do you have questions about caring for a deaf dog? Contact us, your Louisville, KY animal clinic!