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Keeping Your Cat Happy

September 1, 2021

It’s Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Our feline pals are super cute and lovable, and they deserve to be happy and purring all the time! Fluffy isn’t hard to please, but she is a bit ‘purrticular’ about some things. Here, a Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on keeping your cat happy.

Good Food

A proper diet is as important for pets as it is for people. Offer Fluffy a high-quality pet food, one that is suited to her age and lifestyle. Treats are fine, and can definitely help keep your furball happy. Just don’t go overboard!

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may not be thrilled about her appointment, but don’t be fooled by her meows of protest on the car ride. Kitties are both happier and healthier with good care!

Clean Litterbox

Our feline buddies are very clean, so it’s no surprise that they like their powder rooms kept that way as well. We recommend scooping daily and changing the litter every week or so.

Toys And Stimulation

Fluffy may be tired, but she can’t spend all of her time snoozing. Cats need entertainment and stimulation, just like the rest of us. Toys are important kitty necessities. Get your feline friend some things she can use by herself, and some that you can use when playing with her. Another popular form of furball entertainment? Birdwatching. A good window view is a must!

Kitty Comforts

Kitties are very, very good at finding themselves napping spots. Fluffy will still somehow manage to fit in those 32 daily naps if she is snoozing on your bed or sofa. However, if you really want a happy cat, you’ll want to offer her some things she doesn’t have to share. Cat towers are great options. Pet tubes and condos are also good choices. Your sleepy furball will appreciate having some comfy beds as well. Older cats will also benefit from things like nightlights and pet stairs, while kittens love to play and explore.


Cats may act fierce, but they are really very small, emotional, and easily frightened. They also tend to be creatures of habit, that do not like change. Make sure Fluffy feels happy, safe, and loved. Pay lots of attention to her, and take time to play with her!

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Louisville, KY animal clinic, we are here to help!