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Pool Safety for Dogs

July 15, 2021

Do you like swimming? Heading to a pool is a great way to cool off on sweltering days. Many dogs also like the water. However, pools can be very dangerous for dogs, so you’ll need to take precautions to keep your pet safe. Read on as a Louisville, KY vet goes over some pool safety tips for Fido.


First and foremost, pay close attention to Fido when he’s near water, just as you would with a child. Never leave your pup unattended, even for a minute!

Swim Lessons

Many dogs take to water naturally, but this isn’t always the case. If Fido can’t swim well, take some time to teach him. Never throw your pooch into the water! Even if he does figure out the doggy paddle, he may be so frightened by the experience that he becomes terrified of water. Support his weight gently, and encourage him with lots of praise.

Doggy Lifejacket

If you don’t have a doggy lifejacket for your canine buddy, it’s a good idea to get one. You’ll also need this if you ever take your pup on a boat.


One of the first things you should do when taking Fido to a pool is show him how to get out. Take some time with this training, and test your pup’s memory a bit. This is very important! If your furry pal ever falls in when there’s no one around, he needs to know how to get out. Doggy stairs are also a good investment.


In general, you’ll want to use the same safety precautions with dogs as you do with children. It’s best to keep pools gated off when they aren’t in use. Better safe than sorry!


You’ll also want to be careful with pool coverings. Fido may think it’s a solid surface, and try to walk on it. This can be extremely dangerous!

Beauty Care

After Fido has gotten out of the pool, rinse him off to get the chemicals out of his coat. You’ll also want to pay attention to your pet’s paws. Those cute toe beans are very delicate when they’re wet, so it’s easy for dogs to get painful blisters by walking on hot tar after going swimming.

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