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Summer Cat Care Tips

June 15, 2021

Summer is a pretty fun time of year for our feline friends. Fluffy has lots of extra sunbeams to lounge around in, and there are moths for her to chase. However, the heat can be hard on kitties. Cats can’t easily cool themselves off if they overheat, and are in danger of dehydration and heat stroke when it’s really hot. We can help! Read on as a Louisville, KY vet offers some advice on keeping your furry pal comfy and purring.


Making sure your cute little pet is staying hydrated is extremely important. Clean and refill Fluffy’s bowl at least once a day. You can drop an ice cube into her water to cool it off. Your feline friend may also appreciate having an ice cube to bat around.


The best way to protect Fluffy from the heat is to keep her indoors, in rooms with fans or air conditioners. We always advise keeping kitties in, but if you do let your feline buddy go out, make sure she always has access to shade and water. Look into getting her a pet door or window entrance, so she’s never trapped outside.


Kitties are pretty good about keeping their coats soft and pretty. However, Fluffy may appreciate having some help in this area. Getting that dead hair, dust, and dander out of her fur will help a lot with keeping her comfortable.

Cool Bed

If there is one thing cats are good at—aside from pouncing on things and looking adorable—it’s finding napping spots. You can make your pet a hammock bed by attaching a durable fabric to the legs of a table or end table. Fluffy may also enjoy an ice pack under a towel.

Cold Treats

Another way to keep your feline overlord content in summer? Give her some cool snacks! Make Fluffy a tuna slushie by combining tuna and ice in a blender. Or, freeze some squeezable treats. You can also try mixing canned cat food with water and then freezing that.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are all out in droves at this time of year. Protecting your furry little buddy from these dangerous parasites is very important! Keep up with Fluffy’s preventative care.

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