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Senior Dog Care Tips

May 1, 2021

Is your canin e buddy starting to slow down? Dogs are cute at any age, but they somehow manage to get even more adorable as they age. It’s always heartwarming to see an older pooch snoozing in his bed or patiently requesting ear scritches. A Louisville, KY vet discusses senior dog care below. 


At this point in Fido’s life, keeping him comfortable is more important than keeping him out of trouble. Your pooch will still have the occasional frisky moments, but overall, he’ll probably be more interested in napping than in chasing the neighbor’s cat around. Small touches will go a long way towards keeping your pup comfortable. We strongly recommend getting a good doggy bed. (Tip: Orthopedic beds are an excellent option.) Your furry pal may also appreciate things like elevated dishes and pet ramps or stairs.


Keep up with your canine friend’s claw trims. Overgrown nails can be very problematic for senior dogs. They can not only snag and tear on things, they’re also just uncomfortable for Fido to walk on. As a result, he could change his gait, which would put additional stress on his bones and joints. You’ll also need to brush and bathe your pup regularly, and take care of his teeth.

Veterinary Care

Fido will benefit from more frequent veterinary appointments as he ages. At home, keep a close eye on him, and watch for signs that something is off. Sooner or later, your four-legged buddy will likely develop one or more medical issues. That’s just part of the aging process. Catching and treating health problems early can make a huge difference! Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Just like people, dogs slow down as they grow older. This is perfectly normal. Don’t let Fido become a complete couch potato, though. He’ll still need regular activity. This will help prevent obesity, and keep his bones and muscles strong. It’s also good for his heart and lungs. Most of our canine companions need at least a daily walk. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Last but not least, keep that cute tail going! Senior dogs are usually extremely sweet and loving, and they’re just a joy to be around. Enjoy this special time in Fido’s life.

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