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Keeping Your Cat Warm and Purring

February 15, 2021

Are you ready for spring? It’s getting closer, but we’re not quite there yet. In fact, this is often the coldest part of the year. Your feline buddy may have a fur coat on, but she isn’t immune to freezing temperatures. Here, a vet offers some tips on keeping Fluffy comfy and purring.

Warm Beds

Kitties are always on the lookout for comfy beds, and they absolutely love warm napping spots. Make sure Fluffy has a few good beds. Store-bought beds are fine, but your sleepy furball will also happily snuggle up on a soft blanket placed on an ottoman or in a box. Your furry pal may also appreciate a thermal blanket. These should be in a spot that is free of drafts. (You get extra purrs if some of your cat’s beds are in sunny areas.)

Lap Space

Kitties just happen to be the purrfect size to curl up in our laps, a fact that they take full advantage of. Some cats are quite the little cuddle bugs, and love to snuggle up with their humans. If Fluffy likes snoozing peacefully in your lap, then by all means let her. (Tip: if your furball likes to ‘make biscuits’ on your lap, put a soft towel or blanket over your legs before you settle in.)


Did you know that brushing your feline pal regularly will also help her stay warm? Dead fur and dander interfere with the natural insulating qualities of Fluffy’s coat. (Bonus: this is also a great way for you to bond with your kitty, and make her feel loved.)

Kitty Condos

Cats love small spaces, such as kitty condos, as they feel safe in enclosed spaces. You can buy Fluffy one, but you can also make your own. For instance, you can make a cute pet tent out of an old tee shirt and a few wire hangers. You’ll find more ideas and instructions online. This is a good kids’ project.


This one is definitely not an across-the-board recommendation. In fact, the vast majority of our feline friends get very frightened and uneasy in clothes. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. In this case, it’s naked cats. If you have a hairless kitty, your pet will need a jacket or sweater when it gets chilly.

Keep Kitty In

The best way to keep Fluffy warm? Keep her inside. The outdoors is a dangerous place for kitties, no matter what time of year it is. However, it’s particularly hazardous in winter, when snow, ice, and cold add to the dangers posed by traffic and wild animals.

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